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A healthy lifestyle

Losing Weight and Feeling Great !

Adopting a vegetarian diet is an easy (and delicious) way to lose weight. Not only is a plant based diet lower in calories, fat, and cholesterol, but does not have to be a sacrifice, with so many wonderful options available. There is more good news. On a vegetarian diet, you feel better almost immediately and after a while, you lose your taste for animal products, so are not even tempted by a burger or cheese cake. Somehow, you just feel you are doing the right thing for your body. This web designer (female) is 5'6", 120lb (167 cm, 55 kg)having lost about 20 lb (9 kg) after "going veggie."

A Vegetarian Diet - fit for an athlete

There are many world class athletes who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. The idea that an athlete must consume meat and dairy products to build muscles and for top performance has been dispelled by successful athletes in a variety of sports. Below is a reference to the Thrive Diet developed by Brendan Brazier, an ironman tiathlete.

Disease prevention (and even reversal !)

It is fairly well known that colon cancer can be prevented by reducing or eliminating meat, but research has shown that the risk of breast, prostate, stomach, blood and other cancers can also be reduced with a plant diet.

Heart Disease and Stroke:
Atherosclerosis is a process by which cholesterol plaques build up inside the walls of arteries, hardening and narrowing the path for blood flow. When blood flow to the heart is reduced, a heart attack, heart failure, angina or even sudden death can occur. Similarly, the narrowing and hardening of the arteries leading to the brain can result in dementia or a stroke.

Our bodies make cholesterol, as it is required for some functions. The problems occur when we consume cholesterol from animal products, including meat, eggs and dairy products. Plant products contain no cholesterol so consuming them adds no cholesterol to what our bodies already need.

High blood pressure can also contribute to heart disease. Although the main culprit for high blood pressure is salt, there is also evidence that a vegetarian diet can reduce blood pressure.

People with type 2 diabetes have too much fat in their diet and are usually too fat themselves. Adopting a plant based, low fat diet not only results in weight loss but can prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes and even reverse its effects.

Following are references on the health benefits, including studies, research, and personal stories:

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