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Social Events

What do you tell your friends and family ?

We found that just explaining that we had gone veggie and not elaborating was the best way (unless of course they ask questions.) If your friends invite you for dinner offer to take a salad or casserole, or just tell them to add a few extra vegetables for you. When you invite them to your place, serve one of your delicious vegetarian meals and chances are they will not even miss having meat or fish. Although we eat vegan at home, we do not expect our omnivore friends and family to cook for us without eggs or dairy products.

Restaurant Meals

Many restaurants now have vegetarian sections on their menus. Most will have at least one vegetarian dish. If you see a non vegetarian dish that appeals, they will generally be able to prepare it without the flesh. Chinese, Indian, Thai, and Middle Eastern restaurants usually have a good selection. Buffets are also a good bet for vegetarians, with lots of salads and other vegetable dishes. If you have been invited to a restaurant that you think may not have vegetarian selections (a steak house, for example), call in advance - they will usually be quite willing to accommodate you. When you find a restaurant with good vegetarian dishes, it is a good idea to compliment the chef. It could encourage him or her to add more selections.

Fast Foods

  • Veggie burgers or dogs
  • Veggie sub sandwiches
  • Pizza without pepperoni or other meat
  • French fries (you can indulge yourself)
  • Nachos

Weddings, Parties

Most companies that cater weddings or large parties are prepared to provide vegetarian meals. Ask your host in advance if it can be arranged. At a less formal party, there are usually veggie snacks or finger foods available.


Major airlines will provide vegetarian or even vegan meals, if ordered in advance. Many airlines now offer snacks at a cost on shorter flights. They usually have something vegetarian, although not necessarily vegan. Cruise ships, noted for their food, have some wonderful vegetarian and vegan selections and will cook almost anything you want, with a day's notice. "All inclusive" resorts usually have a buffet as their main dining room, with lots of vegetable dishes.

What if your partner is not vegetarian ?

You can always prepare a vegetarian meal for yourself and then add whatever your partner wants. Pasta and rice dishes, in particular, are good for this.