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Go Veggie

But... how do you get there from here ?

Getting Started

Change to vegetarian breakfasts and lunches as a first step. See our Breakfast Ideas and Easy Lunches for ideas. Next, you can start working on veggie dinners. Try one or two per week and then build from there. First thing you know, you will be making grocery lists with no animal products at all !

Dinner Menu Planning

As you develop your own menu plans for an average week, try to plan a variety of types of dishes - for example, one pasta dish ( spaghetti), one rice dish (quick risotto, vegetable fried rice), a mock meat dish (Salisbury veggie burgers), a stir fry, an exotic meal (e.g. vegetables with a spicy Thai sauce), a tofu meal (Tofu Cacciatore), a truly vegetable meal ( veggie pot pie), a "fun" meal such as nachos, pizza or quesadillas, a weekend meal (Cashew Nut Roast with Herb Stuffing), a hearty soup and salad, a tempeh dish. You will soon find that you have more variety than you did when you were an omnivore ! See our Dinner Menu Plans.

Veggie Substitutions in your own favourite recipes

You do not have to give up your own favourite dishes ! Here are some ideas for making veggie Substitutions

Vegetarian vs Vegan

A few of the recipes include eggs and dairy products. The commonly used definition of vegetarianism includes eggs and dairy products (ovo-lacto vegetarian.) A vegan does not consume animal products at all. If you are starting from an omnivore diet, you may want to go through the "ovo-lacto" stage (as this web designer did), even if your eventual goal is to become a vegan.