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There are many vegetarian cookbooks, magazines, and web sites. When looking through them, consider how complicated the recipes are and if the flavours seem to be those you enjoy.

Below are some books that we use on a regular basis.

"The George Bernard Shaw Vegetarian Cookbook"

(by Alice Laden and R.J. Minney, New Revised Edition by Dorothy R. Bates,1987, THE BOOK PUBLISHING COMPANY, Summertown, TN 38483)
This was the first cookbook we bought when we decided to go veggie. We might not have made it without this wonderful little book.

"Quickies 2 veggies and more"

( by Monda Rosenberg, 1999, Mclelland & Stewart Inc., 481 University Avenue, Suite 900, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5G 2E9)
This is a great cookbook for busy people as many of the recipes are quick and easy to prepare - and delicious !

"Canadian Living's Best Vegetarian Dishes"

( From the kitchens of Canadian Living Magazine,1997, Madison Press Books. 40 Madison Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5R 2S1)
This is another wonderful Canadian cookbook with recipes that are easy to prepare.

"Linda's Kitchen"

(by Linda McCartney, 1995, Little, Brown and Company Inc. )
Since Linda McCartney was our inspiration for becoming vegetarians, we thought it only right to buy her book. We didn't need an excuse - this is one of our favourites.

"Great Vegetarian Food"

(Australian Women's Weekly, 2001, ACP Publishing Pty Limited)
This Australian book was a gift that we use frequently. The names of some ingredients are different from North American books, but you can usually tell from the pictures what they are. Also, they seem not to have salt in Australia, so you may want to consider adding some.


(The Essentials Collection, 2002, Parragon Publishing, Queen Street House, 4 Queen St., Bath, BA1 1HE, UK )
This book has some very creative and unusual dishes that can be main courses or side dishes.

"Vegetarian Times "

(magazine published monthly - Editorial Offices Westshore III, 301 Concourse Blvd., Suite 350, ffices Glen Allen, Virginia 23059
Pick up a copy of this magazine and have a look at some of the recipes - you will see our creative veggie cuisine can be. We have enjoyed everything we have tried from this magazine - lots of good health information, too.

"Sinfully Vegan "

Over 140 Decadent Desserts to Satisfy Every Vegan's Sweet Tooth
(by Lois Dieterly, 2003, Marlowe and Company, 245 W.17th Street, 11th Floor, New York,N.Y. 10011)
Lots of delicious vegan desserts that are easy to make.

"Becoming Vegetarian"

(by Vesanto Melina, R.D., Brenda Davis, R.D., Victoria Harrison, R.D., 1994, Macmillan Canada, Toronto)
This book is primarily about the health benefits of vegetarianism with lots of info about nutrition.

"Veggie revolution: Smart Choices for a Healthy Body and a Healthy Planet"

(by Sally Kneidel, Ph.D., and Sara Kate Kneidel, 2005, Fulcrum Publishing, Golden, Colorado)
This very readable book contains information on the environmental impact, animal welfare, and health concerns of an omnivore diet. It would be a great gift for folks who may not understand the effects of their food choices.