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Becoming Vegan

Is a vegan from Las Vegas ?

Picture of Las vegas

There are undoubtedly vegans living in Las Vegas. The definition of a vegan, though, is someone who does not use any animal products. Vegans do not eat any animal products - not flesh, dairy, eggs, or honey.

Going from an omnivore diet to a vegan one is difficult, although some people have done it. We would recommend changing gradually to a ovo-lacto vegetarian diet (one that includes eggs and dairy) before attempting to adopt a vegan diet.

If you are in transition or intend to stay an ovo-lact vegetarian, consider organic eggs and dairy products, both for health and animal welfare reasons.

Some steps to becoming vegan:
  • replace butter with margarine - it works for almost everything
  • replace honey with real maple syrup in desserts and salad dressings
  • use soy beverage instead of milk on cereal and for baking
  • use egg replacers for baking - sometimes gives a denser texture, but does not compromise taste
  • replace cream cheese with vegan ones - Tofutti Brands Inc. has a replacement for cream cheese that has a slightly different texture, but tastes almost the same (and is quite delicious.) It can be used just like cream cheese, including "cheese" cakes . Yoso Spreadables also has a vegan replacemennt for cream cheese.
  • other vegan cheeses - Bute Island Foods has a product Sheese that comes in a variety of flavours. Daiya Foods also has a variety of vegan "cheeses."
  • - replace ice cream with a frozen dessert. Tofutti Brands Inc. also has an ice cream replacement that has a wonderfully rich taste (the texture is like soft ice cream.)